Videos only - resource for the Creating Fabric Portraits book

A resource for those who purchased the Creating Fabric Portraits (Fabric Faces) book.

Includes videos related to each section of the book.

See examples of how to:

  • Develop a pattern from your photo so that you have a plan to follow. 
  • Use values effectively in a portrait so that the value placement creates form and realism.
  • Select appropriate fabrics so that fabric selection is stress free.
  • Place the fabrics so that you create depth and realism.
  • Add detail with thread to bring your portrait to life.
  • Quilt your portrait in such a way that adds further dimension and adds a personal touch.

  • Video lessons for those who prefer to see the action. Great to use with the book for a great learning experience.  Available to be viewed on any device! Watch them at any time. 

 " The videos in the course are a great help to explain the methodology and the PDF files helped when I just wanted to look up some small thing. So you read the files and watch the videos and just start."

Margaret is referring to the course here but the same applies to the book in combination with the videos.

Margaret Burger

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