The Eyes Have It (M)

Everything you need to know to create realistic-looking eyes in a fabric portrait.

Course Summary

Learn observational skills, accurate fabric placement, and how to add detail with ink and thread. This course is DIY and includes notes and videos.

Note: This course is designed for those who want to learn more about creating the eyes in a fabric portrait and focuses on the eye area only.

For a complete course on creating fabric portraits from start to finish, check out my Facial Expressions course.

Course Curriculum

Valerie Wilson

As your coach and instructor, I'll work together with you to tackle any challenges.

You can check in daily with any questions, and every two weeks we'll get together on a Live call. 

I've been creating fabric portraits since 2006 and helping people just like you learn this amazing technique.

Kathie Ballantyne


Wow! Great tutorial. Thank you!

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