4 Day Challenge - Values (M)

The Use of Shading/Values in Creating a Dynamic Fabric Portrait

Starts January 23, 2023

Learn the importance of values in creating dynamic fabric portraits.

This challenge will help you get one step closer to creating your realistic fabric portrait.

What you get:

Learn how to determine value, so you can effectively use shading in a fabric portrait (or any project).

Find out how using the correct values can create dimension in your fabirc portrait.

Discover how colour affects value and what to be aware of when selecting fabrics for a portrait.

Figure out what fabrics you can best use to create a realistic portrat so you can plan your family heirloom.

There are some quick exercises each day to help you to acquire these skills.

Some great prizes to be won for those who actively participate in this challenge!

Valerie Wilson

As your coach and instructor, I'll work together with you to tackle any challenges.

You can check in daily with any questions, and every two weeks we'll get together on a Live call. 

I've been creating fabric portraits since 2006 and helping people just like you learn this amazing technique.

Adrienne  Johnston


This has been very helpful - providing links to ideas, and practical connections between understanding how value and colour work together. Thank you!

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